Application of Learning Analytics in European General Education Schools: Theoretical Review


  • Aleksandra Batuchina Klaipeda University
  • Julija Melnikova Klaipeda University



Learning analytics, European schools, educational technologies in schools


The increasing use of technology in education goes hand in hand with the areas of learning analytics and artificial intelligence in education, with a particular focus on how data can be used to improve the teaching/learning process. In the last decade, there has been a lot of discussion in the European Union about data and evidence-based education, school management and management of the education system. The data is used to make systematic decisions on education policy at the national or regional level, to prepare school improvement plans, to consider the educational processes of a class or a specific student. Artificial intelligence and learning analytics are becoming the most popular ways to analyze collected data in digital learning environments to support teachers and learners in their learning. However, it is emphasized at the European level that almost no research has been found that would have answered the question of how learning analytics could be applied in general education schools in order to improve schools activities. The purpose of the scientific essay is to present literature review on learning analytics research and to explore examples of the application of learning analytics in general education. As a result, this essay provides a comprehensive literature review covering these aspects. Searching of the articles were performed through Google Scholar, EBSCO Research Database and Scopus Preview. In general, more than 157 article dated from 2006 till 2022 on the topic of learning analytics were analyzed. Research findings reveal that learning analytics as tools should not only include effective technological and pedagogical solutions, but it is important to consider many contextual and human factors in order to answer the questions of why and how they will be used, as well as by whom and in what context.



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Batuchina, A., & Melnikova, J. (2023). Application of Learning Analytics in European General Education Schools: Theoretical Review. Quaderni Di comunità. Persone, Educazione E Welfare Nella Società 5.0, (2), 201–234.