Designing Microlearning Programmes for Centennials Taste


  • Maria Fabiani
  • Patrizio Pastore Sapienza University of Rome



microlearning; generation z; digital empathy; digital safety; digital skills; sensoring processing sensitivity


The present study is the initial phase of a larger project on the design of microlearning programmes in two Italian universities. The cross-sectional study investigates differences in perceived digital skills and positive orientation towards the use of learning technologies in two generations (Millennials and Centennials), explores generational differences in terms of cognitive component of hedonic well-being, career adaptability, self-compassion, perceived social support, and sensory processing sensitivity.



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Fabiani, M., & Pastore, P. (2023). Designing Microlearning Programmes for Centennials Taste. Quaderni Di comunità. Persone, Educazione E Welfare Nella Società 5.0, (2), 153–199.